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We received a phone call from someone wanting a sidecar for he and his dog to travel around the world. He wanted something reliable, strong and enough room for a big dog.

We met with Rad and Doc. Took Docs measurements, made a list of all of the accessories Rad wanted for safety and comfort and off we went.

Rand dropped of a 2003 R1150GS Sport and we ordered a sidecar kit from EZS in Holland minus the sidecar body. We contacted our good friend Artie at TCB Fabrication to build an aluminum sidecar body and we were off and running.

-15" wheels and tires on all three corners

-4" actuator on the sidecar for levelling out on high crowned roads

-PIAA driving lights. The center light is LED and on a remote. This allows it to be turned on while you are in your tent for safety.

-2500 pound winch that is reversible from the front to the back of the sidecar

-Custom sidecar and rear shock from The Beemer Shop

-Lockable aluminum case on the sidecar for storage

-Oversized skid plate on the motorcycle

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