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2019 was a very busy year for Boxer Metal. After winning a major award at the One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon we continued to build some cool stuff through the year. Knocked a few bike builds out, built a new shop truck(see out instagram) and built some cool custom lighting for a local restaurant ...This has left little time for Chris & Rebecca to get the word out on all the fun stuff we have built in 2019. Here is one of the builds we did early in the year.

Getting ready to retire and wanting to spend more time on a motorcycle our customers wanted a modern BMW that reminded him of his first motorcycle. A 70’s metallic blue BMW with old school hard luggage and a windscreen like the famous BMW R90S. 

We started with a 2018 BMW R-nine-T Pure. Our local painter The Mighty Todd found a modern color to match the original Monza blue and added a single white pinstripe. We sourced  an R90S style fairing to add to the 70’s R90S sporty look. There are few options for a dual seat so we  opted for the Mustang Saddles dual seats. To finish off that classic BMW look I contacted Hepco Becker in Germany and asked if we could put their classic Krauser saddlebags and the newer Hepco Becker saddlebag mounts. They said no way. It can’t be done! Knowing that the mounting was similar to the old saddlebags from the 70’s I took that as a challenge and made them work. The new bikes handle very well but our customer wanted a more sporty ride so we went with my favorite shock from TFX and fork springs.

After we finished the build BMW introduced the R-nine-T /5. Oddly in s similar color. I guess great minds think alike!

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