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This is probably the lightest and quickest handling sidecar we have built. Plenty of power form the R1200GS, narrow track, no bells & whistles just simple clean & fun.

Started with a well lover 2007 R1200GS, an EZS sidecar kit & a Ural sidecar body. The EZS sidecar kit was made for the R1200GS so that part was easy. Leading link fork,sidecar frame & subframe with an R-nine-T wheel.

The floor was cut out of the Ural body to make it sit lower on the EZS frame, custom fender mounted to the sidecar swing arm. Opted out of a sidecar brake. Not a fan and the rig is light enough it's not needed.

Painted grey with brown upholstery and both windscreens are tinted.

The only accessory is the heated seat and a door on the sidecar. 

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