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f you love the long shock solo seat look on a BMW Boxer? Starter here....


  • YSS makes a very high quality shock
  • 16mm shaft compared to the cheap $80.00 eBay Chinese  shocks at 12mm.
  • 380mm Long Black Special Edition Shock
  • Black body & black spring
  • Rebound damping adjust
  • Fine Thread Pre-Load Adjustment allowing you to set sag to the millimeter.
  • Multiple spring rates in stock, shocks are setup for your weight and loads.
  • 50 Micron steel cylinder for strength and long service life between rebuilds.
  • Long life Teflon reinforced seal head.
  • 36 mm Sintered Piston and 16 mm Heat Treated Hard Chrome Low Friction Shaft.
  • Fully rebuildable by us or any quality suspension shop.
  • Two year warranty

Given the odd shock angle these will actually give you some rear suspension compared to other brands


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