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This is by far the easiest way to clean up the wiring & control every aspect on your BMW 2 Valve Boxer from turn signals, horn to starting.


The most powerful, cleanest solution to wiring your Airhead!


Are you building a custom, café, tracker, bobber?...or just want to update a restoration & the wiring has seen better days? Instead of modifying the original wire harness or building a crazy spaghetti mess, use the revolutionary R21. The extensive feature list of the R21 will satisfy even the most discerning builder.


  • Dimensions: 94mm x 82mm x 21mm
  • You can use the original BMW factory control switches on all models pre 1990!
  • Retain the stock BMW handlebar controls,
  • No need to use aftermarket switches, new throttle tube, clutch and brake assembly. 
  • Works with all aftermarket momentary switches like the Motogadget or Rivival switches
  • Simpler and better availablity thn the Motogadget M unit.





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